Cloudhash - ZERO
Zero Currency 0% Fee Mining Pool
  • IMPORTANT, This coin uses a heavier Equihash algorithm!
    Use Optiminer ZERO Software from "Start Mining" section!
  • Simplemining Support - Download our image in the Start mining Section NEW: Simplemining Image with more performance for 8GB RX400/500 Cards
  • 0 % Mining Fee
    We found: 762 Blocks! Join us!
    Currently there are 7 Miners online.
  • Ps: When your difficulty shows a negative number you're propably using the wrong miner (use Optiminer-Zero from our Start mining section).
Total Shares: 4802009
Found Blocks: 762
Pending Blocks: 12
Confirmed Blocks: 733
Pool Hashrate: 797.91 Sol/s
Network Hashrate: 35.82 KSol/s
Current Miners: 7
Luck Days: 0.100